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About the Seminar

In recent years, distribution systems have changed tremendously. Distributors such as Amazon are everywhere and offer extraordinary opportunities for the consumer. That offer now includes food, and many other retailers are using their own unique distribution systems. But what does it mean for the distribution chain? How does packaging need to be modified? Who is responsible for spoiled products? How are sustainability aspects considered if over-packaging seems to be needed? Who pays for the last mile? These are just a few eye-openers which have to be taken into account as e-commerce becomes more popular.

This seminar will provide answers reflecting the current standpoint of expert speakers drawn from brand owners, retailers and e-commerce experts.


Target Audience 

Engineers and decision-makers working for brand-owners as well as for plant and machinery manufacturers who need an in-depth review of the topic, detailed knowledge and appropriate food-for-thought for the challenges emerging from e-commerce.


Aims and Benefits

Participants will acquire knowledge of key aspects of e-commerce and its challenges to help them decide how packaging systems, packaging design and processes need to be modified.



November 29th 2017 



IPI International Packaging Institute
Neustadt 51, CH-8200
Schaffhausen, Switzerland





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