Brand Protection, Security Labeling and Packaging: Technologies and strategies for optimum product protection 1st Edition - allpackhellas - Το περιοδικό της Συσκευασίας


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By Jeremy Plimmer (Author)



Labels and packaging communicates vitally important product information, such as usage, care, quantity, provenance and authenticity. When the market is infiltrated with counterfeit goods supported by genuine looking labels and packaging, this essential connection between consumers and producers is broken. Consumers are deceived, producers are defrauded and lives can be, quite literally, put at risk.

Hundreds of brand protection and security labeling solutions are detailed and explained in the book, including the latest hi-tech methods, such as RFID, taggants, electronic article surveillance (EAS) techniques and holograms. Guidance on developing brand protection and security labeling systems and procedures is also provided.

This book is an invaluable resource and training aid, a must read for anyone involved in producing or using labels or packaging of all kinds.


Chapters include:

Introduction to security and product protection
Brand protection – the role of security labeling and packaging
The importance of printing substrates in brand security
Inks, coatings and varnishes – safety explored
Building the foundations – origination
Applications for print security
Foiling, embossing and 2D, 3D holographic solutions
Adding intelligence to labels – barcodes, RFID and beyond
Working with the brand owner to enhance and secure the brand
Managing security issues as they affect products in the print business